Admissions Process

STEP 1: Basic Criteria

The admission requirements use a combination of academic and non-academic data to develop rating scales. The following factors will be evaluated:

Approximately a 2.0 GPA or higher

Good attendance

Exceptional citizenship (behavioral grade)

If a student’s report card does not provide attendance or citizenship (behavioral grade), the student will be required to submit alternative information to the admissions office. The student will not be penalized due to unavailable information but will be responsible for providing additional documents. Please review Step 2 for further details.

While a student may meet the general admission requirements, each program area may have specific requirements. For further information regarding requirements, please call the A-TECH’s Magnet office at 702-799-4078 ext. 4078.

STEP 2: Application Process

Thank you for your interest in A-TECH. The application for the 2017-2018 school year is available now. The application will be due on January 10, 2017 by 3:00 pm.

Applicants may choose up to 3 different Magnet/CTA schools/programs and place them in 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice order. It is strongly suggested that applicants complete the online application instead of paper. If submitted online, an email confirmation will be sent after submission. If changes need to be made to the application after submission, the applicant will be able to do so by logging back into the application database. Any paper applications must be submitted to the applicant’s first choice school.

Apply Here

Qualifications will be determined by the applicant’s first semester report card only. Current 8th grade CCSD students do not need to provide their report card. CCSD students must include their student ID number in the Magnet/CTA application. If the applicant is a non-CCSD student (includes all charter school students), a copy of the first semester report card must be submitted to the applicants 1st choice school. If a non-CCSD student’s report card does not provide attendance or citizenship (behavioral grade), the student will be required to submit alternative information to the admissions office.

STEP 3: Acceptance Process

Qualified students will be selected in a randomized lottery after the application deadline. All students are notified of results in a letter sent through the mail after February 28, 2017. Students must turn in their acceptance letter to their school in which they are accepting a seat or accept the seat through the application database. Acceptances must be submitted by March 9, 2017.

Once the seat has been accepted, students cannot accept a seat at any other campus or for any other program. All accepted students will be required to attend Registration Day to complete all necessary paperwork for enrollment, meet with counselors and register for classes. Registration day details will be provided to accepted students.

Any applicant who was not selected during the initial lottery is placed in an alternate pool. Vacant seats, as they become available, will be assigned to students in the alternate pool, through a computerized, random selection prior to the end of the first week of each school year.
**When a student accepts a seat, the student is committing to A-TECH for at least ONE year. The student will be unable to change his/her major once school has started.

STEP 4: Transportation

Transportation information can be found at

If you have further questions regarding transportation, please direct them to the CCSD Transportation Department at 702-799-8111.

Need More Information?
Call Mrs. Gina Vallari, Magnet Coordinator & Recruiter at 702-799-7870 ext. 4078