Media Center Rules / CCSD Regulations

Media Center Rules

  • Social conversations should be conducted elsewhere. Students not working quietly or abusing Media Center equipment will be asked to leave.
  • Bring a signed pass from a teacher or staff member whenever individually using the Media Center during regular class time.
  • You may checkout 4 books at a time for as long as 2 weeks.
  • You can renew a book twice.
  • A $.25 a day fine will be assessed to late books.
  • A $5.00 maximum fine will be charged for a late book.
  • Electronic-vs-Print
  • See ‘CCSD Care of School Property’ for information on a lost or damaged book.
  • Use computers and the Internet in accordance with the ACCEPTABLE USE POLICY.
  • Accessing email services is allowed by PERMISSION ONLY. See librarian or library aide for special circumstances.
  • The use of cell phones and personal devices are permitted in the Library. However,  TEXTING AND TALKING ON CELL PHONES ARE NOT PERMITTED
  • Gaming on library computers, personal gaming devices and/or personal music CD or MP3 players is<b> NOT ALLOWED</b> in the Library.
  • Furniture/chairs must not be moved. Push chairs under tables before you exit the Library. When finished using a computer, close all programs, take all of your belongings, and push your chair in.
  • Students are permitted to print up to 5 pages at no cost.Print back to front whenever possible.
  • Additional copies are $.10 per page.
  • Color printing is available at $.50 per page. (See the librarian or aide before printing in color to make special arrangements.)
  • Copy machine – $.25 per page.
  • Acting in an inappropriate manner in the library will result in the loss of library privileges.


CCSD Regulations

I. Responsibility for Material

Students and their parents or guardians shall be responsible for all damage to or loss of textbooks, library books, or other materials, equipment, or school property loaned to or used by the student and shall reimburse the Clark County School District for such loss or damage.

II. Damage Assessment

  • The principal or whoever is delegated shall be responsible for collecting the full purchase price of any such item that is lost, destroyed, or so damaged as to make the item unfit for future use.
  • The principal may discipline students for damage or loss of textbooks, withhold the right to participate in student activities, and require a monetary deposit for replacement textbooks from students who have previously lost or damaged textbooks or materials.
  • Information about prices can be obtained from the following three sources:
  • Textbooks: Textbook Procedures Manual/Catalog or textbook control clerk
  • Library Books: Library Services Office, Curriculum and Professional Development.
  • Supplies and Equipment: Purchasing and Warehousing Department

III. Accounting

  • Money collected as prescribed above is to be turned in to the Accounting Department.
  • Legal Reference: NRS Chapter 393 School Property Review Responsibility: Instruction Unit Adoption: [5131: 7/12/63] Revised: (8/26/65; 8/31/81) Pol Gov Rev: 6/28/01 Revised: (4/11/02)